Tree branch – PC 2370 Jason Sutcliffe

At around 12.53pm on the 13th October 2016, I arrived home in my van to find a tree branch laid on the road at the front of my home.

I later learned that the tree branch had broken away from a semi-mature ash tree, which is situated on the grass verge opposite my home.

The video below, which was obtained on CCTV cameras installed at my home, confirms exactly how the tree branch ended up in the middle of the road just before I arrived home on that day.

Upon passing the tree branch in my van, I also noticed a raised aerial work platform situated in the middle of and obstructing the road.

I could see several people including Michael Moody on and next to the platform and they appeared to be cutting off tree branches from a mature ash tree situated between a grass verge next to the road and adjacent farmland.

For a short time, I sat in my van parked outside my own property and continued to observe and record the tree felling works taking place in the centre of the road before returning inside of my home.

Upon her arrival home on that afternoon, my wife moved the tree branch on to the grass verge opposite our property.

At 1.28pm on that same afternoon, Emma Cole had called Humberside Police and made a report to them relating to me.

However, I was not aware she had made this report until 5 days later when a PC 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and a PCSO 7655 MARC IRELAND from Humberside Police turned up at my home.

2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE initially stated he wanted to have a “chat” with me about an “incident” reported by Michael Moody and Emma Cole the day before, which was factually inaccurate.

He then referred to my “conduct” and made it quite clear to me both Michael Moody and Emma Cole had stated I dragged a tree branch across and into the middle of the road to obstruct it and refused to move it.

2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE did not have the slightest interest in obtaining my account and he repeatedly referred to my “conduct” and even threatened to arrest me if I did not refrain from it.

The video below, which I obtained on my camera, details these pertinent issues.

2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE also confirmed that he had not spoken with Michael Moody or Emma Cole at any time prior to arriving at my home, and admitted he had no knowledge of the tree branch they were referring to or where it was located.

The images below shows him pointing to where the branch had broken away from the tree and then using his smartphone, he obtained photographs of the debris left on the road from it.

Yet, there are no entries within the relevant incident log or notebooks recording his findings or photographs.

Clearly, neither Emma Cole nor Michael Moody had seen me dragging a tree branch across and into the middle of the road to obstruct access.

I surmise the false report they provided to Humberside Police was reprisal for the pathetic conditional caution Michael Moody had received in May 2016 after he carried out his premeditated threat of assaulting me – a threat he made in September 2015 that was recorded and provided to Humberside Police.

Despite his rebukes concerning my “conduct” and threat of arrest, when I told 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE that it was a further fabrication and perverting the course of justice, he replied it was not as he was: “not dealing with it as a criminal matter.”

The video below details his response.

I also became sceptical of the reasons surrounding their visit and asked 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE several times if he could tell me who had sent them out.

He gave the following replies:

“Who sent me out? No one sent me out. There’s a log been created. Okay? So, your neighbours have rung the police and I’ve come to see you about it, that’s all.”

“We’ve had a call. That’s all I can say.”

“No one sent me out. I’ve been deployed because a log has been created… that doesn’t matter.”

The video below details his responses.

However, for the reasons discussed below his replies were lies and were contrived to conceal the underlying facts surrounding their visit to my home.

I later discovered PC 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON and PS 1886 NEIL MAGSON were involved in this matter from the outset.

These two despicable individuals were fully aware at that particular time they were both under investigation after I had submitted a complaint against them to the Professional Standards Department in February 2016 following their failures to investigate my reports to Humberside Police regarding Michael Moody.

0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON had stated within an email message dated 5th November 2016 to the Information Compliance Unit at Humberside Police that he should not “deal” with me, and his “involvement” within this matter was “simply” an “email chain” between him, 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and 1886 NEIL MAGSON.

However, this was a lie since his involvement was far from limited to the so-called “email chain”.

On the evening of 13th October 2016, 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON had also made a considerable entry within the relevant incident log and where a significant part of it has been redacted.

The only submission visible within the entry states he was involved in previous reports, i.e. my reports concerning Michael Moody’s threats and harassment, I had provided to Humberside Police.

His involvement relates to his visit to my home in December 2015 and where he made it quite clear to me, and after viewing the video footage of the incidents in September 2015, that he had no interest in dealing with my concerns and threatened to issue me with a Police Information Notice (commonly known as a harassment warning notice).

Several days prior to the visit by 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON, his supervisor INSP 5728 MELVILLE CHRISTIE had also visited my home and after viewing the same video footage of the incidents in September 2015, he returned to his station and then promptly closed the relevant incident log and made the following comment within it: “I HAVE VISITED THE I/P AND THIS IS A NEIGHBOUR DISPUTE WITH NO COMPLAINT AGAINST THE POLICE.”

In June 2016, a Delegated Decision Maker acting on behalf of the Crime Registrar for Humberside Police had demonstrated within a review of the relevant incident logs the vindictive failures by 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON, 1886 NEIL MAGSON and 5728 MELVILLE CHRISTIE that allowed Michael Moody to continue harassing me and then carry out his threat of assaulting me.

I also discovered that a PCSO 7602 LESLEY PARRY and a PCSO 7871 LOUISE DAVIS had attended the address of Michael Moody and Emma Cole on the 14th October 2016 – some 4 days before the visit to my home by 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and 7655 MARC IRELAND.

Emma Cole had shown a recording which she had obtained on the afternoon of 13th October 2016 to 7602 LESLEY PARRY and 7871 LOUISE DAVIS during their visit.

7602 LESLEY PARRY later made a pocket notebook entry in respect of that recording which states: “Viewed CCTV footage. No offences revealed.”

Later that evening, 7602 LESLEY PARRY also sent an email message to both 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON and PCSO 7824 RICHARD HESELTINE and copied it to 1866 NEIL MAGSON and 7871 LOUISE DAVIS, and among redacted information she states: “[…] good clear footage but does not actually show any offences.”

For other reasons that will become apparent later, in May 2018 Humberside Police played a video recording to me which was obtained by Emma Cole on 13th October 2016.

The video recording showed her stood directly next to my van that was parked adjacent to my property, and placed her smartphone within few centimetres of my face. My van’s door glass was the only thing that separated us.

Emma Cole then proceeded to record video of the same tree branch laid in the road and where she then made the following comments on the recording:

“Why’s that in the road? Colin? Why’s that been left in the road? We didn’t put it there.”

For obvious reasons, her recording did not reveal me dragging a tree branch across into the middle of the road to obstruct it, and neither does it show Emma Cole nor Michael Moody asking me to move the branch as of a consequence.

Regardless of these facts, a substantially redacted incident log entry by 1866 NEIL MAGSON states that on the morning of 17th October 2016, he then tasked both 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and 7655 MARC IRELAND to ‘speak’ with me.

Later that day, 1866 NEIL MAGSON also sent an email message to 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE which he also copied to 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON.

The pertinent information within his email message had been redacted and/or undisclosed attachments removed from it, and was the email chain which 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON referred to within his email message to the Information Compliance Unit.

Following his visit to my home on 18th October 2016, a notebook entry by 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE states: “[…] prior to attending was warned by PS 1886 Magson that I was likely to receive a complaint from Mr Webb.”

The warning provided by 1866 NEIL MAGSON to 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE stems from his knowledge of his inaction and neglect following my further report to Humberside Police in December 2015, which also later contributed to a complaint in February 2016 been sent to the Professional Standards Department.

It is quite clear 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE had concealed relevant information from me relating to the investigation carried out on 14th October 2016 by 7602 LESLEY PARRY and 7871 LOUISE DAVIS.

Moreover, 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE also concealed further and relevant information from me that it was 1866 NEIL MAGSON, following his communications with 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON, who had sent him and 7655 MARC IRELAND out to “speak” with me.

Resultantly, 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE deliberately withheld this information from and misled me despite my explicit requests to him since it did not suit his narrative.

I can see no other rationale that explains the conduct of 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE towards me on that afternoon other than it was a direct consequence of his complicity with 1866 NEIL MAGSON and 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON following their earlier and undisclosed communications with each other.

For the above reasons, the visit to my home by 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and 7655 MARC IRELAND had no policing purpose.

It was however based on deception and to cause substantial and further unwarranted alarm and distress to me, and for the purpose of formally recording misinformation relating to me on police systems for future purposes.

As pointed out months earlier within a previous complaint I submitted to Humberside Police, my fears of being targeted and persecuted by corrupt and retaliatory police officers like 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE, 0373 MATTHEW STEPHENSON, 1866 NEIL MAGSON and 5728 MELVILLE CHRISTIE had been realized.

The very nature of the visit to my home on that afternoon by 2370 JASON SUTCLIFFE and the disgraceful lies and threat I received from him were a strong indication of worse matters to come.