Seven Bristol police officers under investigation into handling of child sexual exploitation claims

Seven police officers are under investigation after failures by Bristol police to look into a sex gang exploiting teenage girls.

24 MARCH 2016 | BY L Churchill FOR BRISTOL POST

The Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed it was looking into how allegations of child sexual exploitation and missing people reports were handled between 2011 and 2013.

The commission confirmed today notices had already been served on seven officers and one member of police staff informing them that their conduct was being reviewed.

Seven Bristol police officers investigation

Seven Bristol police officers under investigation into handling of child sexual exploitation claims.

It includes three detective constables and two detective sergeants, one of whom was a detective constable at the time, who have been served with gross misconduct notices relating to potential concerns with the timeliness and quality of their investigation into child sexual exploitation allegations.

One inspector, a police sergeant who was an acting inspector at the time, and a police staff member, have been served with misconduct notices due to potential concerns with how they handled a missing persons report.

IPCC Commissioner Cindy Butts said: “The potential failings by the officers and staff member referred to us are undergoing a full and thorough investigation by the IPCC.

“We are continuing to work to identify what, if any, failings occurred, and what recommendations might be provided to assist police in preventing the issues occurring again.”

A safeguarding report published today said that police were too slow to investigate the claims of victims and the delays led to further crimes.

Another parent was told by a police officer she was “making lifestyle choices” when she reported her daughter being raped twice.

A further complaint took five months to be looked into.

Eventually the complaints became a major police investigation entitled Operation Brooke.

It saw 13 Somali men jailed for a total of 116 years for more than 30 sex crimes which took place across Bristol.

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