Police officer who led crackdown on drink drivers is sacked after being caught three times over the limit by his own colleagues

  • PC Chris Blount stopped after struggling to control his car in early hours

  • Disgraced officer admitted one count of drink driving at magistrates' court

  • He was fined £1,425 and banned from the road for two years by magistrates

  • PC Blount once key figure in war against drink drivers in West Midlands



Former traffic police officer Chris Blount

Disgraced: PC Chris Blount of West Midlands Police’s collision investigation unit has been sacked.

He was pulled up in front of the Force’s disciplinary board after he was caught ‘struggling to control’ his Vauxhall Mokka while drunk at 2.30am on November 6.

Patrol officers noticed that the car, which was travelling slowly at the time, also sported ‘substantial damage’.

PC Mount was pulled over and his speech was said to be slurred. He was also unsteady on his fleet and officers could smell alcohol.

He gave a reading of 101mg per 100ml in a breathalyser – more than three times the legal limit of 30mg per 100ml of breath.

In January, the disgraced officer admitted one count of drink driving at Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court.

He was fined £1,425 and banned from driving for two years for the offence.

West Midlands Police spokeswoman Gina Lycett said: ‘Following a misconduct hearing held on February 24, PC Chris Blount was dismissed from the force for discreditable conduct without notice.’

He now also faces losing his police accommodation home.

Prior to his dismissal, PC Blount was regularly the face of the police’s war on drink drivers in the West Midlands.

In 2006, he said that officers would be out in undisclosed locations over the festive period every Friday from 10am until midnight – and that every motorist would be stopped and asked if they had been drinking in the previous 24 hours.

He said at the time: ‘Anyone who says yes will be breathalysed.

‘Anyone who says no but we believe them to be lying will also be tested.

‘Those found to be over the limit will be in court the next day and will be given an interim ban.

‘Our message is drink drive today – get banned tomorrow.’

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