Newham police constable sacked at misconduct hearing

A police officer who was convicted of assaulting a man while on duty has been sacked from his job after 10 years on the force.



Police Constable Taiyab Darr, 37, who served Newham since 2008, was "dismissed without notice" by Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt at a police misconduct hearing held on Monday.

Chairman Mr Hewitt said Mr Darr had been dismissed on the basis of "gross misconduct" relating to his criminal charge, which was a breach of the Met's "Standards of Professional Behaviour" code relating to "Use of Force" and "Discreditable Conduct".

Police officer dismissed Metropolitan Police assualt

Police Constable Taiyab Darr was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service yesterday

The Leyton resident was found guilty of common assault against another man in May last year at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

He was fined £1000 and ordered to pay £500 court costs and £100 victim surcharge.

During the assault, which took place on April 7 2014, Pc Darr “delivered a number of knee strikes to a 24-year-old man at Stratford bus station causing his colleagues to tell him to stop”.

After the man was restrained on the floor, Pc Darr tapped him on the cheek and said a comment “that caused the man to kick out in response to this”. The officer responded by punching the man which “caused a bleeding nose and swollen lip.”

Mr Darr appealed his criminal conviction unsuccessfully at Southwark Crown Court in November 2015 and was suspended from work.

During Monday’s hearing, he disputed the evidence of his original conviction at court and said he had been “a victim of this offence”.

He presented a 16-page defence document which included the results of a Freedom of Information Act, referencing other police officers who had allegedly committed charges of gross misconduct but had not been fired.

He said: “I am more concerned that there are other police officers who are being convicted of more serious offences and I want to know what is the difference between me and them.

He added: “I have always maintained that I was defending myself but it is on the basis of my colleagues’ statements that got me my conviction.”

Mr Hewitt said he could not deal with the points at the hearing. He questioned why they had not been raised in court to which Mr Darr said “my lawyer advised me against it”.

The Pc chose not to have legal representation at the hearing and was represented by Pc Tony Lawlor. The Met’s representative was Ps Tony Evans.

Summing up his decision, Mr Hewitt said that “while the level of violence was low” it was the use of “aggravated force” by Mr Darr which could undermine public confidence in the police. He added that statements made by Mr Darr’s colleagues had “undermined” his case.

Mr Hewitt finalised the proceedings saying: “He feels he has been victimised. I can only make decisions on these facts and these facts alone. It is my decision that Pc Darr is dismissed without notice.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Fiona Taylor, lead for professional standards said: “PC Darr’s behaviour fell well below the high standards we expect of our officers and it is right that he was held to account for his actions.”

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