‘Inadequate’ Humberside Police ‘warned’ over operational changes

Rank and file officers say they warned Humberside Police of their "significant concerns" about a major overhaul of its operating model and shift patterns.



A police officer addresses other members of his force

Humberside Police Federation says changes to the force’s operating model resulted in “significant” problems.

He added that a sudden rather than gradual change to the “One Force” model had led to a “very difficult period”.

Asked about the federation’s warning, Humberside’s Chief Constable Justine Curran said “there are always lessons to be learned”.

In April, Humberside Police scrapped its geographical divisions in favour of four force-wide departments and introduced new shift patterns.

An inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary carried out in June said that “due to serious difficulties in implementing the new operating model [the force] cannot be judged any higher than inadequate”.

It highlighted a lack of skilled staff in the force’s command hub – which is tasked with risk-assessing calls from the public – weak workforce planning and increased workload among the issues.

‘Challenges and difficulties’

Mr Yeomans said: “We advised the force quite robustly that we had significant concerns, however, the force went live with the model and the new shift pattern and, as has been borne out in the report, there were some substantial difficulties…in delivering the quality of service to the public.

“I can’t completely blame the force, this is all down to the corporate spending review and the draconian cuts placed on policing.

“If you change everything at once there are always bumps in the road and there are always teething problems and for us, quite quickly, some of those problems became very significant.”

He said it was only “through the goodwill of our members that the force were able to get through a very difficult period”.

However, he said there had been “significant improvements” since the inspection.

Chief Constable Curran said: “I am confident the One Force model is right for us and will deliver the efficiencies and service levels we expect.

“Any major change brings with it challenges and difficulties and we were prepared for this.”

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