Harvey Proctor to claim counter-allegations were ‘ignored’ by Scotland Yard

Exclusive: Former Conservative MP poised to launch new attack on Scotland Yard after closure of controversial VIP paedophile inquiry Operation Midland

29 MARCH 2016 | BY David Barrett FOR THE TELEGRAPH

Harvey Proctor, the former MP who spent a year being investigated by Scotland Yard for child sex abuse before being exonerated, is to launch an extraordinary attack on senior police officers, The Telegraph can disclose.

Friends of Mr Proctor said he will claim his own allegations of criminal conduct against his accusers have been wrongly blocked by the Metropolitan Police.

Harvey Proctor claim counter allegations ignored police

Harvey Proctor giving his first live television interview after the Met announced it is abandoning Operation Midland Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

It is understood the ex-Conservative MP will say Scotland Yard has ignored counter-allegations lodged against “Nick”, the complainant behind the controversial multi-million pound Operation Midland, which was finally shut down last week.

“Harvey believes that his allegations about alleged wasting of police time and allegedly perverting the course of justice have been deliberately ignored,” said one friend, who declined to be named.

“At no point have the Metropolitan Police come back to him or his solicitor to update them on the progress of these claims – yet they should have done so.”

It came after Mr Proctor appeared on television to call for legal reforms to grant sex abuse suspects anonymity before being charged.

"I do believe there should be a change in the law. And in this I agree, very few things I agree with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, that there should now be anonymity before charge for suspects as well as alleged complainants," he said.

"That’s where the police have overbalanced, the pendulum has swung too far back in the other direction, and that’s what we’ve seen in Operation Midland this last year," he told Good Morning Britain.

Last week Mr Proctor, who was the last living person under investigation by Operation Midland, accused Tom Watson, the Labour deputy leader, of making “self-serving” comments about the VIP sex abuse inquiry.

He said Mr Watson and fellow Labour MP John Mann should apologise in the House of Commons for what he described as “outlandish” remarks earlier in the police inquiry.

Zac Goldsmith MP, the Conservative candidate in the London Mayoral election, should also be forced to say sorry, Mr Proctor said.

The VIP child sex abuse inquiry had cost the taxpayer £1.8 million by November last year and is now thought to have topped £2 million.

Mr Proctor, who admitted gross indecency following a tabloid newspaper sting in 1986 when the age of consent for gay sex was 21, has claimed he has been the subject of a “homosexual witch hunt”.

Mr Proctor, 69, was interviewed by detectives for more than six hours and his Leicestershire home, on the Belvoir Castle estate of the Duke of Rutland, searched for 15 hours after Nick claimed the former MP had abused him.

The former MP said: "This has caused me to lose my job and my house, my future and my present, so obviously I feel upset about that.

"I have to now seek to rebuild my life and that will be difficult. I started to rebuild my life in 1987, it took 28 years, and in 15 hours the police smashed that down."

Scotland Yard has admitted one of its senior officers was wrong to describe Nick’s allegations as “credible and true”.

The phrase used by Det Supt Kenny McDonald, who was later moved off the investigation, appeared to “pre-empt” the conclusion of the inquiry, the Met conceded last year.

Mr Proctor, whose biography published on Tuesday is entitled Credible and True, is now understood to be considering legal action for defamation and human rights breaches against the police and Nick.

When it was announced he would face no further charges Mr Proctor called for the resignations of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Met Commissioner, his deputy Patricia Gallan, Steve Rodhouse, who oversaw Operation Midland and Mr McDonald.

He also called for Nick and Exaro to face prosecuted but his new statement is understood to go further and demand even more action in light of Scotland Yard’s conduct.

Sir Bernard has refused to apologise to those who faced investigation, including the former head of the Army Lord Bramall, insisting the police must properly look into all complaints they receive.

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